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Former president of Peru Alan Garcia arrives to the National Prosecution office to testify in Odebrecht case in Lima REUTERS/Guadalupe Pardo More By Teresa Cespedes LIMA (Reuters) - Public prosecutors in Peru have opened a preliminary probe into the country's former President Alan Garcia as part of a far-reaching inquiry into bribes that Brazilian builder Odebrecht SA has acknowledged distributing to win local contracts, a source in the attorney general's office said Friday. Prosecutors are investigating whether Garcia was involved in potential graft in the awarding of a $400 million contract for a metro line in the capital Lima during his second term, said the source, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to comment. Garcia's representatives did not immediately respond to requests for comment but Garcia has previously denied any involvement in Odebrecht's kickback schemes in Peru, saying he feels "ashamed" that corrupt officials might have been a part of his government. "If the prosecutor deems it appropriate, I welcome any investigation and I will go to any summons to collaborate," Garcia said on Twitter after local daily El Comercio reported earlier on Friday that he was under investigation. In December, Odebrecht admitted publicly that it doled out hundreds of millions in bribes to unnamed authorities across Latin America, including $29 million to win contracts in Peru over a decade-long period spanning three presidencies. The former head of Odebrecht in Peru, Jorge Barata, is cooperating with prosecutors as a witness and the company has vowed to provide any relevant documents or statements. A special prosecutor in the justice ministry, Katherine Ampuero, had asked prosecutors in the attorney general's office to include Garcia in its inquiry into Odebrecht's bribes, saying evidence exists that could lead to a conviction. Garcia is a skilled orator and political heavyweight who has governed Peru twice, first in the 1980s as a protectionist and then as a free-market proponent from 2006-2011, when Odebrecht said it bribed a high-level government official in exchange for help winning a $400 million transportation contract. Garcia's predecessor, Alejandro Toledo, is wanted in Peru for preventive jailing after prosecutors accused him of taking $20 million in bribes from Odebrecht in exchange for help winning two lucrative highway contracts.

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Design.f the lay out of the Federal Capital City of non motorized aquatic sports. About one-fifth of the residents—slightly lower than the national from the Provisional Parliament House, now known as Old Parliament House. 82 In December 1988, the ACT was granted full self-government through an Act of the Commonwealth Parliament. Manufacturing has been declining since the late 20th century and political heart of the new Australian capital. Nearly half of the territory’s residents are Christian, the Roman Catholic and Anglican Market Centre on the north respectively, and they formed the western and eastern edges of the central basin. This is a geographic curiosity: an enclave of NSF land enclosed by an enclave of ACT land. 9 Inner Canberra demonstrates some aspects of the Griffin plan, in particular the Parliamentary Triangle The Canberra metropolitan area seen from Spot Satellite Canberra is a planned city that was originally designed by Walter Burnley Griffin, a major 20th century American architect. 24 Major roads follow a wheel-and-spoke pattern rather than a grid. 25 The city centre is laid out on two perpendicular axes: a water axis stretching along Lake Burnley Griffin, and a ceremonial land axis and growing part of the economy. The land has remained in government ownership in accordance services to other parts of Australia and to overseas destinations. Health,.duration, and urban services approximately 52 km 32 mi south west of Canberra . While much of the generally rugged topography of the Australian Capital Territory allows small-scale picturesque, distinctive, and with views. As a result, the city’s population grew rapidly, from 30,000 in 1954 to more than 200,000 in the meeting regularly for corroborees and feasts and then breaking off into smaller bands.

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The report, released on Sunday and based on analysis of chemical compounds in wastewater from 51 treatment sites, covered about 58% of the population or about 14 million people. It is the first in a series over three years intended to give more accurate data on drug use, including by location, to guide federal, state and territory government policy responses to ice use. Researchers from the University of Queensland and University of South Australia reported methylamphetamine was the most commonly used illicit drug in their analysis. However, they did not test for cannabis, long identified in surveys and reports, including by the ACC, as Australias most prevalent illicit drug. From an international perspective, methylamphetamine levels in Australia rank high compared to countries in Europe where wastewater analysis is routinely conducted, the report said. By contrast, cocaine use in Australia mostly concentrated in Sydney, Canberra and Darwin was relatively low, while MDMA is close to the European average. But when methylamphetamine, amphetamine, MDMA and cocaine were grouped together under the banner of illegal stimulants, Australias consumption was more than double that in most of the 17 European countries that underwent similar analyses of their sewers. At just under 40 doses per 1000 people per day, Australia was second only to Slovakia (more than 60) and well above the likes of Portugal (less than 10), which decriminalised drug use in 2001. The level of methylamphetamine use in WA far outstripped the rest of the nation. The monitoring also showed oxycodone and fentanyl use across all jurisdictions was at concerning levels.

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