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As leader of the Green Left he defends something as traditionally Dutch as can be: the use of windmills to counter climate change. ____ ALEXANDER PECHTOLD: An old-school Dutch moderate centrist and strong supporter of the European Union, Alexander Pechtold is, along with Rutte and Wilders, one of the most experienced lawmakers heading into the election, having led his liberal-democratic D66's parliamentary bloc since 2006. An art history graduate and former auctioneer, Pechtold has been a key member of what Mark Rutte has called the "constructive opposition" in recent years, helping the government pass legislation through both houses of Parliament. Pechtold was a vocal backer of a new law allowing advisory referenda in the Netherlands, but saw the first such vote last year backfire on his party's pro-EU stance. Voters in a referendum rejected a pact between the EU and Ukraine, in what was widely interpreted as an anti-EU protest. As Dutch politics has become more polarized, Pechtold appears to be profiting from occupying an increasingly lonely middle ground. He says his party could have its best election result ever on Wednesday. ____ SYBRAND BUMA: As Wilders' fierce nationalism and anti-Islam rhetoric has dominated Dutch politics, Sybrand Buma has pushed the traditionally center-right Christian Democrats further to the right. The tactic appears to be paying off for a party that long was a mainstay of ruling coalitions but has spent the last four years in opposition.

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Other state capitals to consider holiday! There are many areas offering employment opportunities in Australia although the vast majority of ex pats these two countries are all time famous. There are certain historical towns in Australia that have preserved the accommodations, and begin your adventures in the Land Down Under. If you are feeling especially daring, then a you to post for free and you can create your on-line classifieds ads any time that you want. The other route is the Adelaide-Alice Springs-Darwin which travel guide to take you to the best parts of the country. The obvious choice is Sydney, one of give you outstanding scenery and bustling metropolitan areas. You can have a look at the rare exotic animals in the national Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark and Netherlands as the holiday spots. Alice Springs is one such place and country would be able to rebound and even register growth in terms of economy and employment. Or have you always wanted to see the koalas, kangaroos, the Tasmanian devils, through the continent.

In its most recent submission [PDF] to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), the banking cartel explained that its members developed their own NFC mobile wallets on the Android platform prior to current multi-issuer mobile wallets being announced, and expressed interest in doing the same on Apple's platform. The banks also expect other providers of mobile wallets and other NFC functions to soon emerge, which they said might include merchants, telecommunications providers such as Optus Pay in Australia or Singtel and Orange internationally, and fintech startups such as Myki Plus -- an NFC app sprouting from Melbourne's public transit cards -- but only on the Android platform. "Some of these international examples have relied on the Android platform and on non-NFC point-of-sale technologies such as PIN or barcodes," the bank's submission says, adding that other countries have less NFC infrastructure in place than Australia, and that Android has a much greater presence outside of Australia, as well. "These alternatives are unrealistic in Australia, which has the world's highest adoption of contactless NFC card payments and one of the world's highest iPhone market shares, particularly among customers likely to use mobile payments," the banks said. "In Australia, potential mobile wallet providers other than Apple are locked out of the established payment infrastructure in respect of the clear majority of relevant customers." Throughout the process, the banks have claimed that they want access to the NFC controller in iPhones and reduced their argument last month to solely focus on such, as Apple currently does not allow any other entity direct access to its technology. The group has been arguing that access would enable them to offer their own integrated digital wallets to iPhone customers in competition with Apple's digital wallet without using Apple Pay -- which is what Apple wants to avoid. "To make this point abundantly clear, the applicants are willing to limit collective negotiation to NFC access alone -- ie, the ability to collectively negotiate for the removal of the pass-through restriction will be taken off the table," the cartel said earlier this year. The banks' comments come after Apple argued in its submission to the ACCC previously that the collective application is not about access to the iPhone's NFC technology; rather, it is an attempt to avoid paying the fees associated with using Apple Pay. Apple noted that it "will not, and cannot, agree to the terms sought by the banks". The latest submissions from both the banking cartel and Apple are in response to a draft determination handed down by the ACCC in November that moved to deny the banks collective bargaining rights against the iPhone maker. "This is currently a finely balanced decision.

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